Monday, March 27, 2006

The Sinai Treasure DVD clip

mostly music has a clip of the dvd The Sinai Treasure on their site check it out

Avi Ben Ari, an American Jew, travels to the Sinai Desert with one purpose – to find the lost treasure of his family, which vanished in the desert hundreds of years before. Sa’id, the old Bedouin, becomes a vital partner in the mission, against Avi’s will, when Sa’id is caught trying to steal Avi’s wallet. Things become complicated when they penetrate the area of the accursed tribe, a tribe that is known for its brutality and cruelness. Edel, the son of the head of the tribe, together with his fellow warriors, are determined to stop the intruders.Avi is not willing, however, to forgo the hidden treasures, which will also explain the mysterious curse that hovers over the tribe. This adventurous film, complete with breathtaking scenes, will relate an essential and educational message to its viewers.