Wednesday, March 15, 2006

songs that changed Jewish music

We have gotten emails about people asking what are the 14 songs that changed the world of Jewish music as stated by Sruly Meyer of Sameach in JE (Jewish entertainment magazine) here it is in no special order
1. Shlomo Carlebach-Yisroel Betech Hashem
2. Avraham Fried-No Jew Will Be Left Behind
3. Oif Simchas-Dor Mitzuyan
4. MBD-Just one Shabbos
5. Journeys II-Neshomele
6. Moshe Yes My Zayde
7. Miami boys choir-Besiyata Dishmaya
8. The Chevra-Yehay
9. Lipa Schmeltzer-Gelt
10.Shlomie Dachs-Hamalach Hagoil
11.Yisroel Willigir-Hu Klal
12.Yakov Shwekey-Rachaim
13.Chaim Dovid Yamamai
14.MBD-Yerushlayim is not for sale