Monday, June 19, 2006


Three brand new albums are availabe now at
Shabbos Chazak features a number of unique talents in Jewish music - in an uplifting Shabbos'dig atmosphere. Among the featured singers are: Betzalel Gold; Issac Honig; Abish Brodt; Shlomo Daskal; Yonasan Schwartz; and the renowned chazan and baal tefillah Reb Yankel Ungar.

Featured among this classic selection of Shabbos songs is "Yidene" based on the famous song "Yidele" by Issac Honig. The theme of the song is about the role of the Yiddishe Mame lighting the Shabbos candles and so forth.

A classic Dzikover niggun is featured as Kel Adon. This heart piercing niggun was passed on for many generations and is sung by Abish Brodt. link

Noo info on this album yet we will update link

Following in the footsteps of the previous album, Shabbos Tisch 1, this album promises to be yet another major hit for the lovers of authentic chassidic music. The songs are represented in a "tisch" format, sung in a fashion that resembles the chassidic tisch, thus retaining the warmth and esceptional aura of the holy Shabbos as known in the Chassidic courts.

Unique among the songs are The soul-stirring Kah Ribon composed by the Melitzer Rebbe zt"l, and sung in the Spinka court as well. Likewise, the famous Yismichu Bemalchuscha of Ger will invoke every listener with the holy Shabbos spirit. link