Tuesday, June 06, 2006

JE Magazine #5 in stores now

I just picked up the JE Magazine #5 and wow its getting better and better in this issue there the insider section with news about Ari Goldwags new album and Jep Shlomie Dachs Srully Williger Mendy Wald and Yehudas new album so many new albums coming out soon a write up Achanu 2 the Shapiro brothers there is info about anew group called The Narim a write up about Yacov Young and yes a large 2 page pull out of Lipa Schmeltzer a write about Uncle Moishy an inside look at the album Oy Neshama and photos of Lipa at Hi Tech and Lipa In Yeshiva and much more so if you did not pick it up yet go get it now

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