Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A.K.A Pella single

Breaking news that A.K.A Pella is releasing a single for the 3 weeks.It'll be hitting stores B"July 17th. Thank You Yossi Zweig
from Jewish Entertainment Magazine for the album cover


Devora said...

That's awesome news!I love those guys!Their sound is so unique.
Do you have any idea if this is off a new album they are working on?

Svet16 said...

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!I'm so excited: )I'm a really big fan.

Avi said...

I'm looking crazy forward to this song.It is one of my favorite songs.I can't wait to hear how they do it with all their amazing harmonies.

Shmuel said...

I'm still listening to their album!
It's really unbelievable.I can't wait for the single.Nice scoop by the way.I didn't see anybody else(besides the sameach podcast ppl)pick this piece of news up.

Tovs said...

Wow!What an awesome cover.
These guys are awesome!

M & C said...

Are you serious??? We can't wait. I guess we have to get ready to press the repeat button repeatedly again as we've done for so many songs in their album. Good going guys!! Keep up the great work!

Faigy said...

Heres their new video:


DBKatz said...

I just saw the video at
this site
... pretty funny!

The single is very well done - these guys have a fresh sound!