Wednesday, September 13, 2006

New Ta-shma

Now Available From the producers of the Hasidic Reggae classic "Shake Off The Dust... Arise!" by Matisyahu, comes the debut album from Hasidic hip-hop pioneers Ta-Shma. "Come Listen" features an A-List of guest artists including Matisyahu, Andy Statman, Y-Love, E-Shy, and other special guests. This breakthrough album features 13 tracks including "Rachamana," "Arise O Rise" and "Shine."

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Anonymous said...

This album really impressed me. It's hip-hop and I wasnt sure about chassidishe doing this, but it's mamash full of amazing lyrics and very beuatiful interesting music. Shkoiach Ta-Shma!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, every song is different, a completely different experience. Andy Statman is amazing on this CD!

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this great album from but I cant find the lyrics anywhere... any suggestions anyone?