Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Gershon Veroba - Reach Out

Coming very soon from Jewish music's "Go To Guy" Gershon Veroba is a refreshing new album entitled Reach Out. Featuring collaborations with Avraham Fried, performances with Reva Lesheva, Sam Glaser and Yosi Piamenta and original material from composers including Elimelech Blumstein, Yaakov Gifter and of course Gershon himself, Reach Out is the kind of album that will make it clear why the Gershon Veroba fan club goes from Perth Australia to Paula Abdul (seriously)!. Over three years in the making, Reach Out blends "classic Veroba" with contemporary sounds, songs and musical "substance". Also featured on this project is "Takana" Gershon's "right in the groove" back band. When performing together with Gershon, the result is electrifying -- their almost psychic bond makes for an unparalleled musical experience. As part of Gershon's trademark style has been the ability to "own" any kind of music from Chassidic to Contemporary, Reach Out showcases Gershon at his best. Like any true superstar he doesn't reinvent as much as he reinvigorates the broadest range of musical genres ever assembled for a single album