Sunday, March 18, 2007

A.K.A. Pella 2 Album Cover

They're back! A.K.A. Pella, the smash hit group that made waves everywhere and landed as the number one selling cd last sefira season is back with a brand new incredible album! Fans, be ready, because if you were impressed by these guys last year, you will be AMAZED when you hear their latest album. It's acappella music beyond anything you can
possibly imagine. The stunning harmonies, fantastic voices, and mesmerizing vocal arrangemts complete with jaw dropping drums, guitars, violins and horns ( all done completely vocally) are simply incredible. The album is a tribute to some of the most popular groups in Jewish music today (The Chevra, Lev Tahor, Shalsheles to name a few) and features the biggest hits to come off these albums. A.K.A. Pella's latest release is highly anticipated to be a mega hit and look for it to hit shelves right around Pesach time. Get ready, this one's gonna be big!

(source yossie zweig je magazine)

UPDATE: The anticipated release date for A.K.A. Pella 2 is 3/29/07

(source cd eichler)


Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the CD to come out.. when is it going to be in stores? btw i heard this brand new band that sounds like carlebach and they are amazing. theyre called "one world group" i found them at

Anonymous said...

Sources tell me right the end of March.Chol Hamoed at the latest.
(It is acappela after all)
I can't wait either.
It looks like it's gonna be awesome.