Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Best Jewish Music You’ve Never Heard!

Sruly Meyer is going to be writing an article for the upcoming edition of the Jewish Entertainment Magazine. The article will be about CD’s that you may have missed. Maybe it came out during a busy season when many other big name CD’s came out and it flew under the radar. Maybe it was a debut CD from a new artist and not enough people gave it a fair chance. There are many reasons a CD goes without being noticed. Hes going to try tackling that subject.

What He whould like from you is some input on CD’s that you felt were underrated or underexposed. You can leave a comment on his blog or e-mail him at and he will try to include it in the article. If you write a couple lines about the CD he might even include it in the article. You can leave the comments anonymous or leave your name. Credit will be given unless otherwise instructed.