Tuesday, March 27, 2007

JE Magazine #10 Cover & Publishers Note

Dear Readers,

When we first launched JE Magazine it was with the vision/mission to provide the public with a quality publication (that's quality in terms of both style and content) that gave readers an in depth look as to all the aspects of Jewish entertainment. From "behind the scenes' looks at recording sessions and concert rehearsals, to revealing –and often times riveting "in front of the mike:" interviews
with the artisits themselves it was our goal to "bring it all home" to our readers
Are we succeeding? Well, we're proud of the fact that we distribute almost 25,000 copies nationwide (including the tri-state-area, Chicago, LA, Seattle) as
well as Canada and the UK—as our presence in those communities is testament to readers like yourselves accepting us into their homes as their publication of choice for finding out what's "new and next" in the every growing, always vibrant work of Jewish music and entertainment.We're even prouder of the fact we're B'H achieving this growth without compromising on the editorial standard demanded from us by the community' But as you'll notice from this issue (and our last few issues), we're
B'H succeeding on more pragmatic levels as well. That's because we've become one of the very few (if not the only) free "community specific" publication to achieve the attention—and support, of national advertisers like Brother International , Hyundai, Sam Ash Music Stores, and Jaguar. John Wanamaker who created the department store concept in the mid 18000's once said "Half my advertising is asted.. I just wish I knew which half". In today's age of advertisers being instantly able to pinpoint market data and demographics knowing which advertising dollars are wasted ones is often as easy and clicking a few keys on a computer. This makes us even prouder pf the presence of these companies in JE Magazine because it tells us that
while they may not necessarily understand the "how and what" of our niche' they DO understand its potential as a vehicle for reaching a responsive, sophisticated readership. It's this same insight that compelled us to approach our "cover
personality" Ari Noe. for an interview Is Ari a headlining performer or recording superstar? No (Well not yet and while extremely motivated, hasn't hinted towards expanding his horizons in that direction!) But Ari's personal and professional "story" and philosophy is entertaining andmotivating--much
like the lyrics of many of the albums you'll find covered in these pages (for instance,Gershon Veroba's "ReachOut" which is reviewed thismonth) There's a distinct
positivemessage that one gets from speaking with Ari—a message that we wanted to share with our readers because it "entertains" in ways every bit as meaningful as the most upbeat dance song or most moving ballad. Just as important is Ari's impressive understanding of the entertainment driven "media culture" world we live in.Why? Because it provides us with an interesting "behind the scenes box seat" into the massive mechanisms involved in media and promotion. And while we welcome these new and noteworthy advertisers, we'd be remiss if we didn't recognize the artists and advertisers that consistently made us part
of their marketing budgets—Sameach Music, Travelers Choice (both also highly popular
columnists) The AlliedWines "family (Tepperberg, Kineret, Borgo Reale, etc) and the
hundreds of others that have counted on us since our inception to get their message out to their public Speaking of columnists, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank Avraham Fried who took precious time away from his whirlwind touring and recording schedules to provide us with some very special "Divrey Torah" for Pesach. As you'll see from him column he doesn't merely sing his songs—he lives by the words in them As we stand poised to start Pesach 5767 let us hope that the words in
Avremls article – and the message behind his songs –finally comes true; Leshono Habo'oh Byerushalyim.!
Yossi Zweig
Jewish Entertainment Magazine