Thursday, March 29, 2007

JE Magazine locations

For those of looking and cant find the JE Magazine Here is the list of locations where you Can get one


Bais burger, Negev, Miriams judaica, Kosher city, Israels, Alef bet judaica, Dominion,
sforim warehouse, Israels up north, Milk & honey


Five Star Judaica, Tuvias, Wesley Kosher, Meal Mart, Glatt Mart, European take out place(on 59)
Glatt Kosher Superstore's, Neiman's Fish, Kol Tuv Pizza Shop, Shimon's Barber Shop
Motti's Supermarket, Main St. Super Market, Monsey Mall, Amazing Savings, Lishkas Hasofer
Monsey Bar-B-Q Restaurant & Take Out, Monsey Kosher Plaza, A & B Famous Fish, Hamaspik Mall
Jerusalem Plaza Pizza & Restaurant, KV Glatt Kosher Restaurant, European Take Out Foods

5 Towns

Emporiom, Chap-A-Nosh, Zomicks Bakery, Dunkin Donuts, Falafel Stop, Dougies, King David,
Oh! Nuts, Sterling Electronics, Rib & Tucker, Convient Store, Judaica Shops, Pizza Shops

Boro Park

Ari's Judaica 13th, Ben Barber, Friedmans, Schwarma King, China Glatt, HSBC Bank, Benny's Pizza,
Closeout Connection, Apple Bank, Kosher Dlight, Gal Paz, Hi Tech 2000, Donut Man, Mostly Music
Sovereign Bnk, Munch & Lunch, Eichlers ,Magen David, Deli 52, Hoffy's Eectronics, Super 13
Shomer Shabbos, Checks Chased (16), Fruit Store, Korn's bakery (16), Moti's, Meal Mart
Duane Read, Kaff's Grocery, Schick's, Sovereign Bank (16), Fischman Food, Optical Lab, Stars Café
16th Ave. Food Center, Deli Plus, Yossi's Bkery, Bluberry's, Gan Eden Pizza, Goldbergs,
Mendels Pizza, Staubers Fish Market, Appetizing plus, Herbst Mehadrin Meats, The Winery,
Dol All Travel, Mendehlsons Pizza, Dougies


Gotliebs Restaurant, Landue Restarant, Kliens pizza shop, niemans bakery, flaums appetizining
livusan fish store, s&w appliances, Lea ave photo, midtown camera, haztlocha grocery
marcy cleaners, glaubers apetising, mako flaums


Judaica house, mabat steak house, tsmebistro restarant, madam, pizza cav, children outlet, sabas grill
teaneck bakery, persian grill, suchi metzuyan, engalwood bakery, chinas restarent, the fruit & veg


judaica plaza, confection collection, glatt bite, shlomies supermarket, lakwood hamish bakery
hershys hemish bakery, yossies restarant, café breakfast, farm fresh, quenns, burger&nash
pretzel time

Staten Island

carmel judaica, kosher land restaurant


jb book store, the kosher supermarket, jerusalem pizza, keser judaica, the bagel store,
main st resterant


Anonymous said...

where can we find the magazine in Flatbush