Sunday, April 15, 2007

Miami boys choir - In the Studio

I was sent this video anybody know when this was or where this is from


Anonymous said...

Most likely they are actually recording the album. Why would they wear headphones during rehearsal? (Oh, just to let everyone in on the secret: The album wasn't really recorded around a campfire. The crackling fire and cricket sounds are fake. )

Anonymous said...

OK, I spoke too soon. I didn't bother to watch the video when I last posted. I presumtuously figured it was related to their current release. After watching it I would have to say that it is neither a rehearsal nor a recording session but rather a mock up done for the purpose of a music video. The rehearsal would not be done with headphones (presumably) and they would be foolish for recording live with a session pianist as they seem to be doing. If one kid would cough they would have to start again and that would be a costly and time consuming effort. It's much more practical to give the musicians the sheet music and have them record on their own and then bring the kids in to the studio to have them sing along with the canned music tracks. Take note that many of the singers' voices aren't well-matched to the songs that they are singing. This leads me to believe that the video was made to look like they are recording- not unlike many modern music videos.

Anonymous said...

Looks like its from around '01 or '02, seeing as Duvie Shapiro is still in it there.
It looks like they are recording an album.