Sunday, June 24, 2007

JE Issue #12 and Editors note

Welcome back to another packed issue. Summer is here and that gives everyone a lot of free time. Keeping that in mind, we packed this issue with useful information to be handy during the summer. We built a section called FALL PREVIEW. The reason for the section is that people are always asking us, "What's coming out?" or "What's being worked on?" This is for you. We got in touch with almost every singer/group/performer/choir out there and asked them about their "upcoming" project(s). Most replied with an insight into what they are doing. Now if you don't see anything about someone you know who is working on something, that might be because they didn't want to give us information. Barock Orchestra has been around for 10 years now. Read all about the band, what makes them different, and what their story is. Take a look inside and get the "scoop" on Scoop & Company. See and understand party planning and how you can enhance your simcha/party. After last month's rticle, Rewind: Part I, we got a flood of emails/letters. In this segment, see some of your questions answered and find out what else you might have missed out on. Being that this is Summer and people travel a lot read the restaurant spotlight to see what's available in kosher dining in Israel & England. This is brought to you of course by "The Restaurant Guy", Elan Kornblum. With the weather well into the 90's people love their Slurpees, but lately don't know which ones are kosher or pareve. We spoke to the Star-K and got a list of all the Star-K approved Kosher- pareve/dairy
Slurpee flavors. This does not mean that they are under the Star-K hechsher, just that the list is what they approve. When shopping for clothing or traveling, people are always thinking one season ahead, This month, the Travel section will be on Yomim Noroim travel. Get some tips of where to go and what's good for your yom tov travel. What can the JE possibly have on recipes for the summer? There is no upcoming Yom Tov. Well, Susie Fishbein does it again! She has created
the ultimate cookbook that teaches kids how to prepare delicious
dishes for themselves and the whole family. This summer, if any parent happens to hear that ear-grating phrase "I'm so bored", invite your kids to join you in the kitchen, to whip up these fun and tasty recipes. This month's Book Review is on "Warmed By Their Fire" by Rav Shlomo Freifeld. These are biographies. Then, there's Rabbi Yisroel Besser's "Warmed By Their Fire: Intimate Glimpses of Inspiring Leaders." Of course there is more, but I don't want to be giving everything
away. So, please have a warm and safe summer. Enjoy this issue and
looking forward to welcoming you back in September.