Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sameach Music Podcast #37

Sameach Music Podcast #37 is now online with Interviews with the Producers of Shabbos Get Ready & Music From Ovadia Hamama & Aaron Razel Dov and Sruly got together to do another podcast. This is their 37th Sameach Music Podcast. It features an interview with the producers of Shabbos Get Ready Avi Newmark and Ari Goldwag. They preview two great tracks from the album. Avi is in studio and Ari is calling in live from Israel.Also on this podcast is brand new music from Ovadia Hamama. His song Ana B'koiach is one of the hottest tracks in Israel right now. They also play The Krembo song as well as another great track from Aaron Razel's newest CD Connected to You. They have some more great ramblings, music updates, listener e-mails, and a surprise guest appearance by a good friend of the show.

Download the show here