Monday, October 08, 2007

Aryeh Kunstler - From the Depths

Coming soon from Aryeh Kunstler A brand new album titeld From the Depths Aryeh Kunstler is an up and coming name in the Jewish rock scene. Having played alongside bands such as Blue Fringe, Heedoosh, and Piamenta, Aryeh has developed a name for himself for his catchy songs and his abilities on the guitar. Now, with the help of legendary producer Eli Yona, Aryeh has put together a his debut album entitled "From the Depths." And the title is true to the music, as it has come clearly from the depths of his emotions and ispirations. Featuring some guest vocalists such as Dani Kunstler of V'havienu fame and Lenny Soloman from Shlock Rock, and with an array of differently styled and arranged songs ranging from pop to country to hard rock, "From the Depths" looks to bring a refreshing new sound to the alternative Jewish music scene.