Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sameach Podcast # 42

On this episode Dov and Sruly debut brand new music from Hasc 20, The Piamentas, Gad Elbaz, Itzik Orlev and Kid Zimra Theyre also excited to announce the nationwide debut of Me’leim, from CD of YBC LIVE 2, which will also be available on DVD early next week! That DVD also features The Chevra and Tek-Noy On any other episode that would be considered a packed show, but on this episode they bring you so much more! They have Yitzy Spinner AND Aryeh Kunstler live in the studio, together! They brought both of these talented new artists to talk about both of their albums. They also sing together one song live in the studio, from each of their albums. You can see the videos online here and here. (Please download the podcast also, as the audio quality is much better on the mp3, then from youtube.) Avi Newmark is also with them, and the show clocks in at an hour and 15 minutes

Download the Podcast Here