Friday, December 07, 2007

Concert At YU Gets Evacuated By NYPD

More than 1000 people were evacuated at Yeshiva University’s Chanukah concert, after the NYPD received a death threat against the audience. A source Said that YU, or the NYPD (possibly both) received a phone call from someone stating that he is a copy-cat to yesterday’s tragic shooting in Omaha Nebraska [ - which left 8 people dead.

He reportedly stated that he will commit the same type of shooting at the Lamport Auditorium (Yeshiva University) - where tonight’s concert is taking place.

Based on this threat, the NYPD responded to the concert hall, and evacuated the more than 1000 people who were there.

Police then searched the entire building, and the audience was allowed to reenter, only after getting frisked by the police - and the concert (starring Yackov Shwekey, Boruch Levine, Neginah Orchestra & others) continued.

A heavy police presence remains on the scene - and a public thank you must be given to the NYPD for their fast response, and for taking this security situation seriously.

(source yw)