Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Kumzitz with Shloime Daskal, Yaakov Young and Yumi Lowey

Keren Simchas Chosson V'Kallah cordially invites you to their 7th Annual Auction at Oholei Torah Ballroom, 667 Eastern Parkway Men's Program: Motzei Shabbos January 5th 2008/27 Teves 5768. Doors Open at 8:30pm. Auction Viewing-Wine Tasting-Deluxe Sushi Bar-Lavish Viennese Table and much more. 9:30 Electrifying Kumzitz Featuring: Shloime Daskal, Yaakov Young & Yumi Lowey. Special Appearance with Neginah Orchestra Mendy Pellin-Chairman. View booklet and Order at For more information and or if you have NO internet access and would like a booklet please call 718-774-4578