Sunday, December 30, 2007

Shots for Sderot

SHOTS FOR SDEROT presents... Blue Fringe has been lighting up the whole world with sold-out shows and albums that have re-defined the musical landscape. Sounding somewhere between Dave Matthews Band and Coldplay, the group has stayed hot thanks to the soulful vocals of front man Dov Rosenblatt and a musicality and catchiness that makes you swear you've heard them on the radio. Rock of David will turn up the heat make sure the twang of the electric guitar is heard, making you wish you had been at Woodstock. The combined talents of musical pedigrees, Yuda Piamenta, Isaac and Israel Biton, and Nachum Blum will blow you away. They are fresh off a BB King's show that has the music world buzzing. Levitikus will open the night with their seasoned and tasty world of Jewish Alternative Rock. Go to for more info or purchase tickets at Show is all ages 1/29/07 8pm $15 in advance $20 day of show a portion of the proceeds will go to the people of Sderot. Southpaw 125 5th ave, between st. johns and sterling streets Brooklyn NY


Anonymous said...

Actually its not Isaac Bitton, its Yechiel Bitton. Isaac Bitton is their father who is also a musician. So its Yuda Piamenta, Israel and Yechiel Bitton, and Nachum Bloom.