Tuesday, March 11, 2008

8th Note - Cover - Sampler

This album will feature 13 brand new songs from the most popular composer in Jewish music today. This elegant production, produced by Yossi Tyberg, has been in the making for the last four years and hopes to redefine the standards for Jewish music while developing fresh sounds and styles beyond what has become a business consisting of 'wedding' standards.

The title/theme song, The 8th Note, talks about a world of Yemos Hamoshiach that sees the 7-note scale expanded into a mysterious 8-note scale. This song will feature AKA Pella and Yossi singing an unforgettable duet. In Israel, the title song of this CD will be called Hatav Hashmini where Ohad and Yossi are singing this unforgettable duet in Hebrew.

This CD will be out in 2 weeks. Check out the 8th notes websites at the8thNoteCD.com