Thursday, March 06, 2008

The search for the next SHALSHELES JUNIOR!

After much success with Shalsheles, the producers behind the group embarked onto a new project Shalsheles Junior. Fusing the sound and name of Shalsheles with 4 very talented young boys. Each in his own a star soloist the melodic sound together they exploded onto the Jewish Music scene. Their album was hailed as "the album of the year" and has had much fanfare. Since their debut album and "double" was released the have been performing at concerts like HASC 20th celebration at Avery Fisher Hall and all over the world. Now its time to search out a NEW Shalsheles Junior group. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to produce a new album and perform under the "Shlasheles" labels and further show what Shalsheles Junior can do. These "tryouts" are available for boys in the Greater New York/New JERSEY area between the ages of 9-12. Please email your information to and if you have a sample clip (mp3 etc.) please attach it to the email.