Saturday, April 05, 2008

Avraham Fried- My Zaidys Zemiros

During the wedding of Isar and Chaya Mushka New Crown Heights a new special disk was distributed called "Niggunim from my father's house" sung by the Friedman family starring Avrohom Fried. As was first reported on Shturem that Avrohom Fried was in the midst of recording a new disk with songs that their father Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Friedman obm taught them throughout the years. During the recording of the album Avrohom Fried's brothers, Manis, Yosef Boruch, Benzion, Shlomo, Alter Eliyahu and Avrohom Fried himself, and their children were all brought in to the studio and joined in the singing.

(source Shturem)


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