Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Leah Forster DVD! The Tirtzah Series and more


I've got a new DVD in stores TODAY and it is hysterically funny ( If I may say so myself!) It is a compilation of some of the funniest stuff I've done for A TIME - and one hundred percent of your purchase will be contributed to them ( yes, I know, it's amazing of me blah blah blah!!!!!)

check it out and then pick it up in your local Judaica store ( just fifteen dollars for a dvd, thats cheaper than a pie of pizza!) or at ( and they aren't paying me either.... so YES, I'm nuts- )

FORWARD THIS to your friends and family or I will hunt you down, kidnap you and force you to pay for my lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( and THAT will be ONE BIG BILL!!!!!!!!!) Kapeesh?


( also, look for a concert this Succos, a new CD out Purim time, called BALABUSTED, the Zichron Shloime show which is so top secret and shticky I cant even talk about it, a new Toby Einhorn video following the smash hit Blessing In Disguise, and the all - new Amen Campaign video this summer in your local Fungalow colony !!!!!!!