Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amiran Dvir - The Canopy Path

First single on the way to a new album.

Amiran Dvir: "The Canopy Path"The band of
Amiran Dvir, is considered to be one of the biggest, and most sought after bands of the religious and orthodox bands in Israel. It is well known that bands
that play in weddings every night can estimate which song will be come an audience
favorite, and they can determine which tune will not become very popular. Based on
his experience, so far Dvir has produced three Hassidic albums, which varied
between known series of songs, and new Hassidic musical creations.

Amiran is now launching his first single from an album that, with God's help, will be
available for sale in the upcoming months.

The first song that is launched, called, "The Canopy Path" was composed by Yossi
Grin, and the lyrics were written by Amiran himself. The song is intended for
accompanying the bride on her way toward the canopy, and it describes the
emotional moments that are related to this event.

"The young couples always ask for a special song for the last few moments before
the marriage ceremony. However, there was no song that was appropriate to
accompany the bridal procession on that special path toward her canopy in those last
moments of holiness and purity before she becomes a married woman," says
Amiran. "Usually there is always someone that sheds a tear at the most joyous
moment, and when I ask what is the reason for those tears, they tell me of a relative
that has passed away, or someone who is missing from the happy event." Even in
the wedding for Amiran's brother, Aric, everyone was in tears. The brothers' mother
had passed away, and her absence was greatly felt at the joyous wedding. Those
exact moments were purified by Dvir into a quiet emotional song called, "The
Canopy Path."

As one can expect from one of the most professional bands in Israel, the production
of the album is rich and sumptuous. The album will include new songs along with
known ones as well as Hassidic song series from the best that exist nowadays in the
market of the "Hassidic Simchas" (Hassidic Celebration).