Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Tal Ha’Levy always was in musical side of life. However his connection to tradition come into force precisely when he was errand in Kenya. A strong malaria illness attacked him, and probabilities of getting out of it and rest alive were few. Lying in his bed he dreamed Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, later he investigated about
him, and in his tracks he began a repentance process. Tal Ha’Levy (38) a talented musician and singer, edits his first album “Haleluyah”. His wife, Meirav, wrote up most of the album’s words and melodies. The rest of texts were taken from our holy resources. Ha’Levy’s family’s music is varied with a multi style and it converts the album in a special and interesting one for listening.

In the album there are 14 bands and it includes rhythms of rock and even a Mediterranean music touch .The changeables rhytms and the flowing music as well as the feeling and the statement of selected text, converts the album in a full one of Jewish energy.

He completed his music studies in Los Angeles. Following next he served as voice technician near to the best musicians of Eretz Israel and he imprint his stamp in not few Israelies productions. Today he focus in Jewish original music.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! The art is incredible.