Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Isaac Miracles - Desire

“Music is the expression of the soul. When the right ideas and emotions connect through musical notes and melodies, true desires can be born.” – Isaac Miracles

Montreal native, Isaac Miracles can tell you all about “Desire”, his official debut studio album produced by Michael-Ben, QDS Productions.

From his early Judeo-Moroccan roots to his Chassidic influences, music has always held a special place in his heart. The emergence of Jewish oriented hip-hop, rap, reggae and other styles are beginning to take shape and acceptance amongst all lovers of music. “Whether it was singing a tune at the synagogue or beat boxing, I knew I’d have to get theses melodies out one day.” – Isaac Miracles

Having performed with a number of innovative and successful artists such as Jordan Chaviv, Gad Elbaz, Y-Love and others, Isaac Miracles is a part of the new revolution of spiritual infused lyrics with a universal appeal. for more info on Isaac Miracles Debut album go to


Anonymous said...

WHAT???? This is JEWISH???? This is MUSIC???? Ok, it's a review, I give you that much. A sad state when Jewish music, which is supposed to help our neshamos connect with Hashem, is lowered to "rap music videos" amongst the likes of those in the goyeshe world. I see no difference between this song and those on MTV. Such a shame.