Monday, January 11, 2010

Introducing the new Singer Baryo

After composing the hit song BIRSHUS for Yaakov Shwekey, he took some time to compose his own songs. Hes already working on his first Single for his new Album of Chassidish Genre. G-Ds willing, this Album will come out during this upcoming year.

As hes working on this new album, Baryo just recorded the song ANHIM ZMIROS with the melody composed by the Lubavitch Rebbe along with a few of his own notions. Although this song wont be included in his upcoming album, it already has some positive impact on everyone listening to it. The young yet talented musician Eli Asraf added some of his musical notions. Avi Singolda added some of his guitar skills. Here, you can preview this interesting outcome of the upcoming musical career of Baryo.

At least two investors are already showing interest in producing Baryos album. This Album is going to be full of surprises and new musical touch that is yet to be heard in the world of Jewish Music. The person behind the scenes who is in charge of Baryos public relations is Avi Kalmarski, a former editor for the Music Magazine SHIRU LO and currently a writer for MISHPACHA Magazine. Avi already has great experience promoting many musicians and singers.

Baryo who studied in Yeshiva Torah VDaas in Brooklyn, New York, received a special blessing from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky. The rabbi enjoyed Baryos singing and blessed him to be successful in the musical field. Baryo might pop a surprise visit in New York soon.