Monday, March 08, 2010

Moshe Wins 'A Jewish Star'

Binyamin Moshe, 20, was declared the winner of 'A Jewish Star' singing competition Sunday, at the finals which were held at the Soul II Soul 5770 concert in Brooklyn's School of Music.

Each of the finalists stepped out on stage to roaring applause from the audience and delivered strong performances. But ultimately, the Israeli born Moshe, who learns in the 770 Yeshiva in Crown Heights, impressed judges Avraham Fried, Michael Sojcher and Mendy Pellin and swayed an exuberant crowd of 1,300.

Equipped with a guitar and sparkling personality, Moshe performed his own composition "Romemo" which he recorded for his audition in the contest.

"I called my parents immediately," Moshe told after receiving the first A Jewish Star trophy. "They were awake and ran to wake up my 6 brothers with the news."

Comedian Pellin noted: "You got what it takes, although at first I thought that guitar was an Uzi gun."