Monday, May 03, 2010

Nir Seri - Adon Olam

Music Therapist Releases second single from debut album

  Nir Seri presents his second hit Composition for the Master of the Universe. He himself has written the music for this song, as well as for the whole album. The single offers another glimpse of what is in store for us in his debut album Full of Song like the Sea (Maleh shira kayam) which is scheduled to be released during the summer iy"H.

  The album is permeated with kedusha and closeness. The music is well made with a range of styles and texts. Nir Seri is thirty two years old, married with five children, and lives in Moshav Azriel in the coastal area. He is a music therapist by profession, hence his music contains elements apart from notes and words. "Music should have character, should tell a story, provide an experience that leaves an impression, and contain a non-verbal message for the listener. This is the power in the combination between words and music. This abstractionthrough which you can touch people on the deepest most hidden level."

  Musical composition as a means of emotional therapy is not new to Seri. He compares his music as a whole to a way of treating people, "One can see how music can subtly affect the psyche with the right exposure." "My natural connection to music", explains Seri, "led me to seek my own musical interpretation of Jewish texts that I strongly relate to."

  The present single Composition for the Master of the Universe sings of and praises the Creator set to an upbeat worldly Jewish rhythm. A number of leading artists have worked on the project – Ilan Damri who co-wrote the first popular hit, Shalom Aleichem, Nitzan Hen Raziel – plays and sings. Alon Yoffe – produced
and arranged and Shmulik Daniel was responsible for the final production. The combination of these professionals has created an outstanding musical selection which will be released in the summer by the Divrei Shir company.