Monday, June 21, 2010

Yehuda Glantz 2010 Sidney & Melbourne Australia

Argentinean- born multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer and producer. An original artist in the Israeli music world scene, he is a true renaissance man bound by a vision and purpose to promote faith, peace and happiness to people from different cultures over the world. His compositions, musical arrangements and productions express a new style of "Latin Klezmer" music, a fusion of contemporary folklore. Yehuda plays a multitude of different instruments, such as the charango, siku and pincuyo, guitar, accordion, Lira, piano, and percussion which accompanied by his singing talent and electrifying colorful appearances on stage have attracted large audiences worldwide. In his private studio located in the mystical streets of Jerusalem he writes, composes, plays and records his music. "universal", believes in the integration of peoples and their cultures through the wealth generated by the diversity within the framework of the approach of all human beings, based on acceptance, tolerance, understanding and mutual collaboration of the great universal family....