Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eitan - Bo'er Kmo Esh - Single

As some people might know, Itzik Orlev started his career under the wing of Itzik Eshel
when Eshel produced Orlev's first album "Ma'agalim". After two smash hit albums & a third on the way, Itzik  his brother/manager Roee Orlev decided to produce an album for a new, young, talented singer that
goes by the name Eitan.

  About a year ago Itzik Orlev was to begin recording his third pop/dance album, when Orlev's Rabbi told
him to change his genre of music, and to go into the direction of singing authentic Jewish music, Itzik
quickly decided to do so & instantly teamed up with Amiran Dvir to begin work on Itzik's upcoming album
"Ribon Ha'olamim". Roee Orlev then decided to take the whole album, and have Eitan sing it, While Itzik adds to the backup vocals.

   Eitan, a promising, young talent that hails from Queens, New York will shortly be releasing his debut album.
The album will consist of 10 tracks, some Hebrew, & some English. Two of the tracks on the album were
produced by singer Gad Elbaz, where on one of those tracks Elbaz lends his voice in a duet with Eitan. Of
course there will also be a song where Itzik Orlev sings a duet as well. The album consists of fast songs & slow catchy melodies.

   The single that's being released is called "Bo'er Kmo Esh" a catchy summer tune. The song's meaning is
about the anticipation of the coming of Moshiach quickly, Backup vocals were done by Itzik Orlev & Nir
Kepten. The song was composed by Barak Melamed who composed Orlev's smash hit "Mitga'hagea".
Lyrics written by Tamar Sharvit, arrangements by Alex Reznik.