Tuesday, October 05, 2010

R’ Elyashiv Refuses to Sign Israeli Ban On Chasidic Music

Jerusalem - In the ongoing battle that plagues the Chasidic Music industry in Israel, Israeli news source B’chadrei Charedim reports that R’ Amnon Yitzchak went to the home of R’ Elyashiv tonight, in an attempt to get him to sign on a Kol Korey that would not only ban concerts that were not “up to the standard of purity and holiness”, but would also forbid people to buy albums produced by singers who did not live up to R’ Yitzchak’s standards.

R’ Elyashiv reportedly listened carefully to R’ Yitzchak’s request, but refused to sign his name to the Kol Korey. Sources close to R’ Elyashiv indicate that the Rov felt that there are more pressing issues facing Jews today and this particular issue was not one that R’ Elyashiv had any interest in taking on at this point in time.