Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Jewish Star finalist Blesofsky Takes on Matisyahu

One of the most popular finalists of A Jewish Star Season One, Baruch Sholom Blesofsky, has put his own twist on a popular song by the most famous Chassidic Jew in the music industry.
Matisyahu‘s ‘One Day,’ which was chosen as the official song of the 2010 Olympics, is the song featured in Blesofsky’s new of clip, who says he wanted to give the song “a different feeling.”
He rewrote some of the lyrics and used auto-tune and other effects, with music by Shaya Lieberman.
“The proof of a good composition is when it can be sung in various genres,” he told “I chose this song because it has a deep message.”
Shuky Greenberg was in charge of photography and overall production. Yisroel Sillman did the video production and editing.
Blesofsky says he intends to release more of his own compositions soon (like “Tell It To Them“) and thanked “all my fans out there for your constant support. It helps me continue writing.”
He said his composing work for Mordechai Ben David and his son Yeedle is “moving forward” but did not want to elaborate at this point.
We asked him what are his thoughts about A Jewish Star Season Two.
“Both seasons’ judges are and were great. Mendy Pellin praised me, so my opinion is biased. Avraham Fried - who am I to comment? He’s the best. And Eli Gerstner is a great choice because he’s a producer, arranger, composer and engineer. His opinions are well-rounded.”
Blesofsky was chosen by the public as one of the 10 finalists of Season One, but he says he’s not auditioning again. “Baruch Hashem, I got what I wanted even without winning.”
In Season One there were complaints that the judges paid attention to the performance and production of the audition and not only to the quality of the voice.
Blesofsky said its justifiable. “There are 2 aspects that make a succesful artist: Musical ability and personality,” he says.
As for tips and advice to new contenders he says, “Connect to your audience! Sing from your heart. Don’t be a diplomat when singing a song, save that for the interviews.”
VIDEO: Debut of One Day by Baruch Sholom Blesofsky