Friday, December 24, 2010

Meydad Tasa - Gadol Hashem

Meydad Tasa is not a child anymore. He has grown into a musical superstar. Meydad, now a young bouchur he is ready to be re-introduced to the Jewish music world anew.

Tasa, is considered the prince of Eastern music, which all peak conquest possible. Now he is launching a new album entirely of chassidic music entitled- Gadol Hashem, where he shows a very natural pronunciation capabilities that were not embarrassing the great chasidic singer.

The album boasts ten songs that range from wedding hits, to slow haartzige, and even a song about chassidus. The velvety voice of Tasa featured together with the polished production which encompasses some of the best musicians in the country including the Israel Symphony Orchestra.

Musical arrangements and production on a tight won Yoeli Dickman , no doubt going to be one of the hottest names Hasidic music industry.


Miriam Cohen said...

I'm sorry but this CD hut Meydad's image of being a Sefardic singer.
I have all of his CD's except for this one. After listening to it in my friends car, I made her shut the player off because I couldn't bare listening to Meydad Tasa turning against his sefadic heritage.
I love every Jew, but let Meydad stay sefardic. You took Shwekey from us. At least let us have Meydad.

Anonymous said...

Miriam Cohen, why be so divisive? Are we not all Jews? Do we not serve the same Creator? The more we appreciate each other, including each other's talents, music and culture, the sooner Moshiach will come and we will all live as one, in true shalom and achdus.

Tasa showed appreciation for ashkenazim by singing their music, and they show appreciation for sefardic culture by listening to sefardic singers and music. What's wrong with this? You wrote in such a tone as if he were singing music of another religion. Please reflect on what effect such an attitude has an Klal Yisroel.

I wish you all the best. Kesiva v'chasima tova.