Saturday, January 22, 2011

EXCLUSIVE -Baryo Hakshur releases a new single - Sivat Tzion - בריו חקשור-"שיבת ציון

After two successful singles, (Or Halevono and Berachamim, promising young singer in Baryo Chakshor doesn’t rest and releases his THIRD single “Sivat Tzion”.

In recent months, while constantly working ferviously on his debut album, Baryo was flooded by many queries and requests from listeners from around the world who wanted him to include on his album songs of different styles.

Baryo “surrender” and began working on new songs composed and range of his debut album, even at the cost of a significant delay on the release of the album.
Either way, the new song “Sivat Tzion” has proved that he can adept himself to more then just one particular style.

The song also features a guest child soloist who chose to appear without his name mentioned.
Artist Song joined the guitar Avi Singolda