Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kfir ben itzhak What are you waiting - כפיר בן יצחק למה אתם מחכים

Six months since stormed into public consciousness with the single "mehalev", which became a hit across sectors. Singer Kfir Ben Yitzhak divides his time between events and impressions, and intensive work on the debut album will be published soon. It joined the first line of Ahtamalilnim, composers, instrumentalists processors in the genre, the album is all Oriental celebration at its best.

These days, Yitzhak Ben releases a new hit you drift into the center square, then "what are you waiting?". Lyrics: rami Lev [Amatamalilnim in question in signed on quite a few classics of the genre], music and music processing: Doron Elimelech [composers and arrangers in the field busy behind dozens of huge hits by the greatest singer in the genre].