Friday, March 04, 2011

Shlomie Daskal -The Japan Song - Trailer

The Trailer of the music video starring Shloime Daskal and Avrohom Fried. to help the two boys that are serving time in a Japanese prison and currently are having their cases appealed at a Japanese Supreme Court.

Co Sponsored by Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra, and The Meshoiririm Choir.

Visit to donate money and bring the Bucherim home.

Performed by: Shloime Daskal and Avrohom Fried

Produced and Directed by: Danny Finkelman

Cinematography and Editing by: Mauricio Arenas

Production assistance: Taira Ebihara and Peláez Domínguez

Music and Mixing by: Eli Lishinsky

Composed by: Rabbi Menachem Davidowitz English Lyrics
by: Moshe Kravitsky

Additional lyrics by: Danny Finkelman

Yiddish lyrics by: Motty Ilowitz

Vocals recorded by: Gidon Levine, Shragi Gestetner, and Ruli Ezrachi

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Unknown said...

Good Morning Dear Friends,

Thank you for your continued efforts to assist us in raising awareness of the plight of the two bochurim still in Jail in Japan, stirring klal Yisroel to daven for them, and rallying the public to help cover the expenses of their legal defense.

Please be aware that a recent song and film production has been released, together with a dedicated website
( “supposedly” in aid of the jailed bochurim’s defense.

Please be aware that “The Japan Song” is NOT ENDORSED by ANY of the Rabanim OR Askonim leading the case.

You may be tempted to publicize this news item, or perhaps you will be approached to post something regarding this production.

We ask you to Please resist posting anything about this solely commercial project. Please do not provide a platform for confusion and mass deception.

Besides the gneivas daas hatzibur involved, this audio-visual production poses a significant threat to the poor bochurim.

Cameras are strictly forbidden in the detention centre. Those responsible for The Japan Song have put Photographs & video coverage of the bochurim into the public domain on and elsewhere.

This is highly reckless.

Whilst certain moving and static images have now been removed due to mounting pressure, others remain and are widely circulated.

The lawyers and ourselves are petrified that all visits to the boys will be immediately suspended, and that the defense attorneys will be reprimanded, and G-d forbid perhaps even compelled to leave the case.

We are at a critical phase.

Closing arguments for Yaakov Yosef have taken place this past Monday and his verdict is scheduled for May 16. Closing arguments for Yoel Zev are scheduled for May 9th.

The current status, as of the time of this writing, and until advised otherwise by ourselves the undersigned, is as follows:

The existence and publicity of this website / video can rapidly harm the entire case H-ashem Yerachem.
The donation information on this website has absolutely NOTHING to do with the defense efforts to rescue the bochurim.
The only sincere donation venue is via the Orach Chaim Rescue Fund. Contributions to this fund are received and regulated by esteemed Rabanim. The Orach Chaim Rescue Fund also generates funds via their dedicated website, and via their telephone hotline number 718-534-0030. All monies contributed are transferred directly to pay the expenses for the case.
No Rov or Askan has endorsed “The Japan Song” project. The Rabanim at the helm of the Orach Chaim Rescue Fund do not have any connection AT ALL with “The Japan Song”!
“The Japan Song” purportedly have engaged a family member of one of the detained bochurim, and have pledged that they will contribute towards expenses of people visiting the boys in Jail. We would like to clarify that b”h up until todaym we have arranged finance or sponsors for all the visits by family members to the bochurim, and have motivated many and diverse honourable members of the community to visit the bochurim at their own expense. This ruse is therefore false, and is deliberately being used to confuse the public and portray as if “The Japan Song” are in some manner contributing to the pidyon shevuyim efforts to save the unfortunate bochurim.

Please confirm that you understand the gravity of this scandal.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

Thank you,

Dayan C Y D Weis
Rabbi Aba Dunner
Aron Nezri

Anonymous said...

thats a total LIE!!! cuz u see in the video acted along was yoel goldstiens who siting in japan jail his FATHER !! what more can u have then his own father supporting it!