Sunday, June 12, 2011

Asher Ben karov elav - אשר בן קרוב אליו

Asher Ben [Jerusalem twenty] writes and composes. He plays the piano, guitar and the keyboard. He began his musical, five years ago.

Ben has a unique vocal range in the genre east. On the one voice are soft and velvety, caressing and touching emotions listeners. On the other hand, strengths and heights beat and leave an impression on listeners. Studied voice with my father Annie submitted by Seth R. Heritage Program's "Voice of Israel" Many artists owe him their professionalism developed. 

"Karov elav" - the first pioneers for the debut album will be published soon. At a time when we are reviled under attack all over the world, those lyrics written and composed Sharon Avilhak [Meydad Tasa, Ohad, Kfir Ben-Itzhak, Itzik Dadia and more] express the order of the day for mediation and lowering barriers between the different streams of the people of Israel and unity as widely as possible. Producing the best single players participating in the musical production processing carrying Doron Elimelech [Meydad Tasa, Kfir Ben-Itzhak Ohad, Itzik Dadia and more].


ELI said...

Asher mazel tov on your first of many hits.Your a good man with a good heart. ELI

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