Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Zalman Levy - Yisovivenu - Music Video

South African born Zalman Levy, presents his first single since being a Top 10 finalist in the 2nd annual "A Jewish Star" competition.

This brand new Hebrew/English song with an African pulse entitled - "Yisovivenu" set to the words of a pasuk in Devarim (32-1), was composed by Levy and is yet another of his compositions infused with the originality that sets him apart! Music arrangements by Shaya Lieberman, mastering and mixing by Sholom Lieberman. 

After hearing the song and being blown away by it, Danny Finkelman and his Sparks Productions team embarked upon a music video. 

Growing up in the summery suburbs of Johannesburg, Zalman was exposed to a society embedded in music. From the cities' extravagant Shul choirs, to its world renown Chazzanim, or just plain simple; Jo'burg's minivan-taxis bouncing to African beats, Levy was imbued with a passion for music. And as a child, after being a soloist in the Torah Academy Boys Choir and a member of the Johannesburg Jewish Male Choir, Levy tapped into that passion and began to write music of his own. 

Zalman stems from a highly musical family. His Maternal Grandfather; R' Avraham Roness and Great grandfather; were both Chazzanim in Synagogues in S. Agathe and Montreal, CA, whom no doubt handed their talent down to their children. Zalman's brother; Mendy, A Rabbi in Bal Harbour, FL created the Melbourne Boys Choir. 

"It's about creating authentic Jewish Music with a fresh originality." says Levy.