Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Moses Luke - debut single - Jerusalem

An attacker answer to the anti-Semitic: Music is taking place across the country and around the globe 

Moses Luke debut single "Jerusalem" 

Moshe Luke poet leading and most in Andalusian music and North - African music. Thanks to the impressive vocal abilities paved the way to explore the parts of the globe performing in front of thirsty Jewish communities the ask to taste the experience of singing came from Father's house. 

His professional career began in his youth. He was born and raised in France, a home where music breathed and dreamed 

The basics of poetry and love to the sound character from his father Rafael and his uncle, Rabbi Chaim Luke, known poet and great scholar in the field of Andalusian music.

Unfortunate event happened, when he was four - ten, when attacked - by anti-Semitism in France, made ​​him realize that music is a soul, music is a mission that needs to plant roots and formation in the eretz hakodesh, 

And from that moment he decided to distribute it around the globe. Luke came to Israel, attended - School of Music "BPM", and at Bard Rabbi Chaim Biton. Appeared on the stage of "The Israeli Andalus Orchestra", paving the way to a successful soloist. 

Instructor and teaches poetry across the country, as a factory "kehilot shrot" Avichai Foundation sponsored And as part of the system "Shirim Veshorashim" sponsored by the Ministry of Education. 

When parallel to all - this specialization in the field of Mizrachi Hasidic singing, and many huge events appears armed with a rich musical repertoire is very diverse. Of these days, Luke begins to pave the way to center stage and doing Mediterranean music with Bikkurim single "Jerusalem". Moving and touching ballad which he composed and wrote Sharon Avilhak correspondence with sources, which was inspired by her decision to come to Israel and hope for the longed-for redemption with his brother in the eretz hakodesh.