Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yishai Lapidot & Amiran Dvir - Yabba Ye Bachiti VeTzaakti

Here it is the First single has been released by Yishai Lapidot and Amiran Dvirs. new bands debut album which

Yishai Lapidot, who is considered a pioneer in his field, he founded the band “Aofshimhas” and revolutionized the field of Jewish Hassidic music, do it again and this time with the musician Amiran Dvir - ”King of weddings and events of the Orthodox religious sector.”

The result: a Jewish rock band - Israeli standards sector not yet known. Band “which YE k ’audience is exposed debut single,’ I cried and shouted ’Song of Songs Cherubims middle band number on the internal struggles, trials and wars undergone as a believer who lived during this time … The band, led by automotive Dvir Lapidotand appointed six members. These days the band finished recording and hours back many new road debut album a companion tour across Israel.

Album which will feature original Jewish music will also be refreshing to find innovations that Israeli and Jewish classics. The song ‘I cried and shouted,’ written and composed by Yishai Lapidot processing: Amiran Dvir. Band members: Yishai Lapidot: Poetry / Amiran Dvir: keyboards and vocals / Eldad Orlev: Bass / David Setter: Guitars /providing wide: Guitars / light ”terminal” Cohen: drums.