Sunday, March 04, 2012

FDD productions introduces a new group with their debut single Mezamrim

FDD productions has just released  a music video for their latest addition to Jewish Music. Anew group called Singers a group of four singers Elior Itzkowitz, Chaim Shlomo Mayce, Itzik Tzinwirth and Moily Dahan!
The band performs sometimes as a solo act or together with Gershon Freishtadt and his orchestra.  They also perform at simchas and shabbosim!

Each singer in the group lends his voice contributing to its uniqueness. This creates a situation where the group can perform to all types of music Chaisidi, Mizrachi, Chazunos, etc.
These days the members of “SINGERS” are currently accompanying the singer Ohad for his appearance in Israel and abroad. Singers complement Ohad’s unique voice in a variety of interesting and unusual sounds.

Name the song: Mezamrim
Lyrics and Arrangements: Eli Cohen
Processing: Eli Cohen and Yitzi Berry