Thursday, May 03, 2012

Shir Soul - "Salaam" (a cappella) Music Video

A child of the New York suburbs, David Ross began to cultivate his musical talents at an early age. While a student at Ardsley High School, David was the lead singer and guitarist in the Saw Mill River Band, a rock group he formed with three childhood friends. The band went on to record an album, David’s first, and he was forever hooked on music.

Having reconnected with his Jewish roots as a teenager, David sought to incorporate the soul and passion of his musical youth into his Jewish faith. Nearly 10 years later, his first solo album, entitled “The Power To Be”, realized that goal. Originally featured on the all-star compilation album Voices for Israel, benefiting victims of terror, “The Power To Be” has since appeared on radio, in concert and on DVD.

A fusion of heart-pounding backbeats and driving rhythms with soulful vocals and evocative lyrics, David's music is an eclectic mix of rock, pop & soul. His powerful new sound captivates and energizes audiences, reaching deep into the Jewish soul.
The music is dynamic; the message is compelling.

Having inspired audiences all over the world, from major US cities like New York, Miami, Detroit, LA and Chicago, to international destinations and exotic locations such as London, Aruba, Melbourne, Cancun and Jerusalem, David decided to start Shir Soul orchestra & singers in 2005 in order to bring his sound and style to a wider audience.

After completing a rigorous audition and rehearsal process, David assembled the talent for Shir Soul orchestra & singers, and the group has been performing ever since.