Monday, August 21, 2006

Pure Soul: Flippin' In and Yosef Karduner Song book

Pure Soul: Flippin' In, is the name of this new CD, produced by Ari
Goldwag. The album consists of 10 songs, half entirely in English, and
half with words in Hebrew (and some English sprinkled in as well). The
title track is a response to Blue Fringe's song, Flippin' Out. The
album has a contemporary pop feel, featuring many electric guitar
solos by Israel's Avi Singolda (and none of the 'traditional' Jewish
brass and strings). The music and message are at times profound, at
times light, and won't cease to impress you with their distinctly
different and fresh sound, without compromising on its Jewish soul.

Shira Lamaalot - Songs of Yosef Karduner Songbook
This 90 page songbook features guitar and keyboard notes accompanied by lyrics for Karduner's most popular songs from the following recordings: Simonim Baderech, Kol Haolam, Mekor Chachmah, Bachirah and Achat Sha'alti.