Thursday, December 21, 2006

New for December

Jewish Jazz Caffe 1
Sip it with your ears. Jeff Horvitch is the maestro of this tantalizing recording. He takes popular hit Jewish songs, & adds a very unique touch, bringing the music to a much different level. This album can be enjoyed by anyone, no matter which flavor they enjoy.

Relaxing Moments 2
This soothing production, by Chaim Yisroel Halpern, includes 25 of your favorite songs eloquently played by, among others, Mishe Guttenberg, Yoely Brach & Tzvi Goldring. Very relaxing indeed.

Bechatzros Kodsheinu Kislev 5767
Bechatzros Kodsheinu is a monthly DVD that contains footage of special occasions & simchas at various Chassidic Courts & with Roshei Yeshivos. This volume has footage of Viznitz, Satmar, Ger, Rachmistrivka, Rav Kinievsky, Setet Viznitz, Machnovka, Toldos Avram Yitzchok & many more. Over 45 minutes long. This DVD comes with a bonus Picture album with hi resolution pictures of the Gedolim, that can be printed.

Rabbi Rehavya Price, M.D. is a new hot young vocalist who delivers a Mind-Body-Spirit approach to healing through original contemporary pop music inspired by Jewish mysticism. Yale & Columbia University trained, he is a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, faculty of Cornell Medical School, and has a practice for teens, adults and couples in Monsey, New York.

Breslever Melave Malka
This CD features 11 beautiful Breslever compositions for the post-Shabbat Melave Malka performed by Yosef Karduner, one of Jewish music's top artists.

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A Simple Jew said...

Where can one purchase Bechatzros Kodsheinu Kislev 5767?

Editor said...

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