Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Ohad 2 Will Be in stores in the next 2-3 days You will be able to hear two songs on this weeks edition of the Sameach Music Podcast. There are 5 songs composed by Yossi Green, 3 songs composed by Ohad, 1 song composed by Moshe Laufer and 1 song composed by R' Pinky Webber.

Track listings ...

1. Kol Zman
2. G’dolo Shiro
3. Chavivin Yisroel
4. Etz Chayim
5. Shalom Aleichem
6. Odcho
7. Veyochon Am
8. Ekroeko
9. STOP!
10. Neshomole

Thank you Sruly Meyer of Sameach Music for this update

UPDATE: Ohad 2 is now available at jewishjukebox.com

UPDATE: Ohad 2 is now in stores