Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Shwekey 4 in Stores a day earlier

Yakov Shwekey 4 Lshem Shomayim Has Arrived in stores today a day earlier then expected


Anonymous said...

Hey heard themboth big fan of Ohad the man is somthing else. And he has somthing that Shwekey does not and its his Nice pleasen and humble personality and stage presence. Shwekeys new album is Moridin Vlo Maalin Its the worst one he has given out so far the song choice is bad the lyrics are bad yes he has a few good ones in there Halo Yodata is unbelievable. His pitch in Both Tatte's is terrible he even loses it at one point. Now as far as Ohad goes, Yossi Green is losing it!! hello whats with the songs Stop Dont play the song stop although he showcases his amazing vocals in there during the interlude. He improved his lower tone now you can actually sing along with him, that still can use some work though. And hands down he has the most unbelievable range. Hes got to move away from sounding too much like Dedi. He has to drop all those backup vocals from Yossi Green.

Anonymous said...

Its an amazing cd. He sings amazing especially by both tattes I am a big fan of Shwekey.