Monday, May 14, 2007

JE Issue #11 and Editors note

Dear Readers,

Welcome back to another fascinating issue of JE. We hope all of you had an enjoyable Pesach and enjoyed our Pesach issue to the fullest. Now let's get into the thick of it. Shloime Dachs has had an interesting career. Now, at what most consider the peak of his career, he releases his latest hit Hashem Echod. Read all about Shloime and his new album. We received a huge amount of feedback after we ran SrulyMeyer's article on Great Hits You Never Heard About And Why. One of the Emails we received was the article entitled REWIND: Albums and Artists worth a (re)listen. This article dives into the "old" albums of yesteryear that didn't get the attention they deserved.In every issue we try to bring you a D'var Torah called Guest Speaker.
For a change in honor of Shavous, we have an article entitled "What Happened at Mount Sinai" by Rabbi Becher. It gives you insight into the Yom Tov along with a few
basic halachos. The restaurant guy, Elan Kornblum gives us the Restaurant Spotlight
this month. The spotlight is on Boro Park restaurants. Take a look and see what dining is available in the area. JEP and Nageella present "I'm A Jew". This CD will touch your Jewish Neshama in so many ways. Read about which famous singers are featured and the CD and which well know songs have been adapted. Last month, Yossi Leifer from Travelers Choice brought us "How I'm Spending Our Summer Vacation, a look into what's available for travel this summer. This month we continue with Part 2 and go into Europe and places that have meaning. As always, Susie Fishbein brings us delectable recipes to make our day, week, and this time, Yom Tov, more enjoyable.
This month's Book Review is very fitting with Shavous fast approaching.We look into
the book Stories of Spirit and Faith, which has fascinating tales from life in Aleppo. The Brooklyn Children's Museum has become an integral part of Jewish education. They feature various interactive mediums for children to grasp different Jewish concepts. Read all about it in our Community Spotligh. The rest you already know. Insider information on your favorites are not to be found anywhere else. Internationally speaking, with a look into our Israeli/European brethren, and the famed Backstage Pass, your guides to the concerts are here as usual. Our next issue will be titled FALL PREVIEW, a look into what's going to be released when you return from country/camp/vacation. Be sure to look for it as the end of June nears. So until next issue, Gut Yom Tov and learn well.

Yossi and The JE Staff