Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Shira Chadasha Choir - Music Video

This video is a Single of Yerushalayim off their upcoming album and the side story of an American boy visiting Israel with his zeide. The grandson in the video is the Cantor Simcha Levinstein who sings in the choir. Another farmiliar voice on the album is that of Shimon Bell (Sheves Achim) who just released a album with his brother. The album is called Arayvim Zeh L'zeh. Composed for the most part by Nachman Seltzer.


Unknown said...

What is the check-book-like booket that that grandfather shows the grandson in the begining?

Damjan said...

The song is awesome. I like it a lot. Could anyone please tell me where can i find the lyrics.
I suppose that it is easy for you to hear them and interpretate, so please write them for me and if its possible translate them.
Thank you.