Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lipa and YBC at the Achdus Festival

Chol Hamoed Events Presents The Achdus Festival starring LIPA and the Yeshiva Boys Choir feauring Dovid Stein and the voice of Yosef Chaim. Music by the Yosis and Nafshenu Orchestras will take place Sunday Chol Hamoed Succos October 19th, at the Somerset Commerce Bank Ballpark. Gates open 11:30am, Shows are 12pm-3pm and Rides 3pm-6pm. Beautiful Petting Zoo Free Hayrides 10 Big Slides and Rides Large Succah All seating reserved $25.00 includes show and rides. $40 for closeup seats. Luxury Private Boxes: 12 seat min. $40 ea. SEPARATE SEATING ONLY! For tickets or more info visit or call 1-877-7CH-OLHAmoed